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Affiliations and certifications are one way to gauge the level and quality of the language company you are working with.

It is our firm policy to work with linguists that hold the highest levels of professional accreditation in order to continually meet the quality of standard our clients expect from us.

The majority of the linguists we work with are ATA (American Translator Association) certified translators. In the English <=> Spanish language pair, it is the hallmark of our company that we work primarily with Federal Certified interpreters.

Federal Certified Interpreters

U.S. Code: Title 28, Part V, Chapter 119 ยง 1827. INTERPRETERS IN COURTS OF THE UNITED STATES

Establishes that the Director of the Administrative Office of the United States Courts shall establish a program to facilitate the use of certified and otherwise qualified interpreters in judicial proceedings instituted by the Unites States.

The Federal Court Interpreter Certification Examination Program is one of the most rigorous examinations given in the field of linguistics with a national pass rate of less than 10%.

For the highest standards in the field of linguistics, look no further than Provectus Language Solutions.

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